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Training & Certification

History of Quality Service

We have been providing our Personalized Swim Instruction services since 1987. Homes association board members and country club managers frequently noted the quality of personnel teaching our swim instruction classes; and began requesting that we manage their aquatic facilities, including the provision of lifeguards. Jeff expressed his gratitude for their confidence in our corporation, but informed them that he preferred to devote our corporate energy to refining and enhancing our Personalized Swim Instruction services.

In the fall of 1996, at the persistence of many homes associations and country clubs, Jeff agreed to develop a proposal for these services. After careful industry analysis, he realized that many things about the status quo of this industry needed changed. He also realized it would be expensive to provide the kind of service the industry seemed to need. He was not convinced, however, that communities would be willing to pay more than the current industry standard. He presented a detailed plan and proposal to the communities requesting service, in which he quoted a price above the industry standard. The communities were willing to pay an increased price for superior service, and thus we began providing Aquatic Facility Management services in 1997.

Jeff knew that he could not tackle an operation this large without more leadership and expertise. For help with launching this new service, he turned to his family - people he knew embraced the same business ethics and principles that guided the development of our swim instruction and swim team services. He recruited his father and older brother, Stephen, who worked at least 15 hours per day during the spring and summer of 1997 to deliver quality aquatic facility care and management to our customers. By continuing an intense focus on quality and dependability, we gained and have retained the confidence of those communities desiring superior service.

The relentless intensity of being responsible for aquatic facilities 24/7, and the time-consuming nature of employing so many personnel prevented Jeff from pursuing many of his other interests and business ventures. Included in those business ventures was the writing and self-publication of children’s books. In 2001, to allocate more time toward an expansion in to the publishing industry, we scaled back our Aquatic Facility Management operations and eliminated Lifeguard & Facility Attendant services. In 2003, Jeff published
Amanda Panda Discovers the Wonderful World of Water”. Since its publication in March of 2003, he has dedicated much of his time to a world-wide marketing effort.

In 2004, Jeff responded to his customers' persistent requests to re-expand
our Aquatic Facility Management services, which included re-instating the Lifeguard & Facility Attendant services component. However, knowing the personal demands that this particular industry places on himself and his entire leadership team, Jeff made a concrete decision to limit the growth of these services. Therefore, our focus is on quality not quantity. Our pricing structure reflects the cost of delivering that quality.
Finding mature, reliable Lifeguards and Facility Attendants is just one of the industry-wide challenges that we and our competitors face every year. We have demonstrated that effective leadership is the answer to this challenge.

Jeff Kelly inc. has designed and implemented a professional leadership infrastructure that our competitors simply do not provide. Most of our competitors use high school and college students as “pool managers” to supervise other high school and college-age employees. We employ only mature professionals to serve on our leadership team, most of whom are school teachers. This leadership model allows us to meet the needs of your community with prompt attention and relieves you of the micromanagement of your aquatic facility.

Below is an outline of our Aquatic Facility Management Services. If your community is interested in receiving a proposal for any or all of these services, we will request an opportunity to speak with the members of the homes association board or country club management team. During this meeting, we will listen to the specific needs of your community, and we will elaborate on the benefits of our aforementioned leadership infrastructure. We will also thoroughly examine the condition of your aquatic facility and the operating equipment. If we determine that our services are compatible with your community, we will develop a proposal custom-fit for your community. If you are interested in opening a dialogue about the possibility of Jeff Kelly inc. serving your community, please call 816-942-SWIM (7946). You may also contact us via our online inquiries system.


Aquatic Facility Care & Maintenance Services

Seasonal Opening: Jeff Kelly inc. will administer the seasonal opening of the Facility. Detailed procedural documents are available upon Customer request.

Daily Care of Swimming Pool(s), Operating Equipment, Deck Area and Restrooms:

1. Maintain proper sanitization and water balance by performing water chemistry tests and administering proper dosages of chemicals.

2. Maintain effective circulation and filtration by cleaning (backwashing and rinsing) pool filter(s), and cleaning pool skimmer and pump-pot strainer baskets.


3. Maintain cleanliness of the pool(s) by skimming pool surfaces, brushing pool walls and vacuuming pool floors.

4. Provide a clean, organized and sanitary pool deck upon daily Facility opening.

5. Provide clean restrooms stocked with hygienic products upon daily Facility opening.

6. Safety: Jeff Kelly inc. may close the Facility when warranted by any situation that may pose a danger to the patrons. In the event Jeff Kelly inc. is informed of defecation, excessive bleeding or excessive vomiting, Jeff Kelly inc. will restrict access to affected swimming pool(s) and administer the appropriate chemicals according to the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) regarding the treatment of potentially contaminated pool water.

Chemicals, Janitorial and Hygienic Products: Jeff Kelly inc. will purchase and deliver chemicals, janitorial and hygienic products necessary to provide its services.

Facility Repairs and Replacements:
When Jeff Kelly inc. recognizes a need for repairs or replacements requiring the purchase of equipment, parts, and/or the services of a specialized company; Jeff Kelly inc. will inform Customer of the need for such equipment, parts and/or services. When Jeff Kelly inc. has informed Customer of the need for repairs or replacements, it is the responsibility of Customer to procure and coordinate the repairs and/or replacements. Upon Customer request, however, Jeff Kelly inc. will provide Customer with an estimate(s) from the appropriate provider(s) for such repairs or replacements; and/or coordinate repairs or replacements with the appropriate provider(s).

Seasonal Closing (“Winterization”): Jeff Kelly inc. will administer the seasonal closing of the Facility. Detailed procedural documents are available upon Customer request.


Lifeguard & Facility Attendant Services

Choosing Lifeguards or Facility Attendants: “Lifeguards” and “Facility Attendants” are often mistaken as synonymous terms. There are no federal, state or local laws or regulations governing the use of “Lifeguards.” Rather, the issue is one of semantics as it relates to liability. The term “Lifeguard” has a connotation to many parents that allows them to feel less responsible for the safety of their children. Thus, this perception increases the probability of danger when only one “Lifeguard” is on duty at a crowded swimming pool. Furthermore, that “Lifeguard” cannot simultaneously be responsible for the safety of all swimmers while fulfilling other responsibilities at the swimming pool facility. It is our professional opinion that referring to these personnel as “Lifeguards” exposes the community and our corporation to a greater degree of liability should there be an accident. Therefore, our policy is to use the term “Facility Attendant” even though our personnel are certified Lifeguards; if the terms of our contract with the community include dates and times during which there will be only one or two personnel on duty. We will only refer to our personnel as “Lifeguards” if the terms of our contract with the community ensure the provision of at least three or more personnel on duty at all times. Furthermore, the ergonomics of the facility must allow for two of these personnel to safely guard all people in the swimming pool(s), while the other personnel are performing any of the other responsibilities detailed below. Thus, for communities with larger swimming pools, such as most country clubs; we will only refer to our personnel as “Lifeguards” if the terms of our contract with the community ensure the provision of at least three or four personnel on duty at all times.

The Responsibilities of Lifeguards & Facility Attendants are:

1. Respond to water rescue and CPR-related emergency situations.

2. Clear all swimmers from the pool(s) and/or close the facility when warranted by any situation that may pose a danger to the patrons.

3. Enforce facility rules stipulated by Customer.

4. Assist Customer in controlling entry to the facility as specified by Customer.

5. Assist Customer in maintaining cleanliness and organization of the facility.

Training & Certification

Please refer to the Employment Opportunities section of this website for information about our Lifeguard Employment Opportunities and for the details of our current Lifeguard Certification Courses. (This section of this page was last updated on 4/8/2019 at 2:55 AM.)

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