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Enroll Online. Please read details below:

Our "online enrollment" system allows you to easily and efficiently perform all of the steps that lead up to the actual placement of each student into a specific class. This will allow you to provide us with all of the necessary information about the students (ages, abilities, goals for each student, etc.); as well as your preferences for class locations, sessions (date ranges) and class times. You will be able to provide us with all of this information at your convenience from your computer. Of course, this will prevent the frustration of phone-tag that too often occurs with telephone communication. The data you submit to us through our online enrollment system will be imported into custom software. All "online enrollments" will be completed by our Enrollment Counselors*. They will manually make the final determination with regard to the classes most compatible for each student. As a final step, you will receive an email from us with all of the details of your enrollment.

*The dynamics involved in building compatible classes are complex and best accomplished by those with experience teaching our curriculum. Specifically, all Enrollment Counselors must first serve as Swim Instructors. Therefore, they have been thoroughly trained with regard to our curriculum, teaching methodologies and instruction techniques. Because they have actually taught all of the various class compositions (different age\ability combinations), they can best determine which classes are most compatible for each student.

Of course, you are always welcome to contact us via telephone at 816-942-SWIM (7946).
Hours for enrollment vary throughout the season. Thus, please call whenever it is convenient for you. If you reach our voicemail system, please leave a message spelling your first and last name, and the best times you may be reached. One of our Enrollment Counselors will return your call as soon as possible. To assist us in reaching you at your preferred time, please provide your cell phone number. Thank you.

816-942-SWIM (7946) | 800-641-SWIM (7946) | 10540 Washington, Suite 302, Kansas City, Missouri 64114

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